Goodnight Neverland..

Silent conversations..

Eyes move around, scared of the chasing curious eyes.. just looking for their place, their somewhere safe..
Eyes move gently.. looking for that gleam.. that one only gleam..
Eyes meet.. touch..
get lost in a perfectly long kiss..
Eyes tremble with light happiness.. passion sparkles inside.. a smile is hidden within..
Eyes try to move away.. say one last goodbye.. 
Eyes detach.. get lost in the crowd.. again..
Eyes try to look back.. they move around instead.. scared of the chasing curious eyes.. holding their happiness.. their safe gleam within..


then he looked at me and said: take me there.. to your safe place.. 
to Neverland..
and so I smiled and said: you don't have to travel too long.. it's in your heart..
you're my kingdom..
you're my Neverland.


and as you close your eyes tonight.. I wish a star would fall from heaven and kiss your sleepy eyes.. give you a colorful dream while I whisper.. Goodnight Neverland..

so Goodnight.

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