And then I thought why don't I buy a little black note to write in it.. and save all the moments I wished to have with you..
telling you every single word my heart says..
drawing little cute faces everywhere to help you through the pages when I feel so down cause I miss you so hard I can't handle it..
filling it with butterflies that fly to an endless violet sky..
talk about my Neverland.. my secrets that no one knows about..


How about imagining your shadow.. as a tall dark emptiness that can fly colorful fireworks when you're happy and embrace me with warmth when I'm down..
How about imagining your face.. your existence..
feeling your soul floating around me.. kissing silver stars on my walls..

How about me getting a little black note.. and writing you a letter.. ended with a little heart and a sentence saying 'your ever lasting fairy'..
and I promise to fill it with chocolate and roses.. and never send it with the mail.. I'll keep it under my billow to color my dreams and save me sometimes..

and every morning I'll wake up.. smiling..
ignoring the fact that I still don't have a name to write after 'Dear colorful .. ' in the beginning.. and I still don't have a pen to write my magical love stories with you.. the ones that never happened.

so what do you think? sounds good. 

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