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This post only aims to help me relieve the stress.. nothing more nothing less.. it'd be as irrational as every other post in this blog so don't mind what you don't understand.. since when you understand anyway?

Sometimes I feel that I'm perfectly lost when I don't know what I'm doing.. I get this feeling a lot cause I don't know what I'm doing most of the time.. or maybe all the time.. I don't know.. but sometimes I wish I could say that I'm perfectly lost in someone's eyes that I'm totally vulnerable in front of them.. when I don't know what I'm doing cause they're looking at me or I'm staring at them.. then being perfectly lost would be the best feeling a human being can ever have his whole life.. *Slap* back to reality.. in brief, I don't now what I'm doing and I'm perfectly lost.

It's been a while since I've done something productive other than downloading new music and finishing the novels I was craving to read. 
It's been a while too since I studied hard I felt completely exhausted. It's been a while since I took a cool deep breath and it's been so long since I felt right. 

Honestly, I came here to remind myself that whatever happens tomorrow we're not to blame the mess that happened two weeks ago and delayed my schedule of studying -I mean if I ever had one-. We're not to feel bad or fall apart again. 
It was all meant to happen. and it's not the first time I carry my restless nerves with me to an exam. 
It's okay and everything will be fine.. No need to feel stressed or feel down for any reason. God is generous. You know that.

Just keep resisting this thought that fills your moments with weakness and restlessness. Don't let go without a fight.. but don't waste too much time fighting for you've to finish your studying first.

Least but not last.. this was dedicated to that someone's eyes that would make me feel perfectly lost.. and safe. 

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