Distraction , Escaping Reality

I've already wrote 3 different Drafts & Still can't get what's Inside me 
Can't Face It

I want to hide from all of it

I desperately want to tell him that I care 
Patiently waiting
wanna say sorry 
even if I don't know for what

but whatever,
 I want him to forgive me 
for no reason

just Forgiveness is all I long for

I also need to forget 
everything about this world
everything about this life
everything about myself
everything about my past
my present
and I can't even handle to think about the future anymore

I want a moment of Self-peace 

and I know 
that everything will be just fine 
 if I send it on

I'm desperately trying to escape from myself 
but I've no where else to hide but this Self

That's a serious problem 
I think 


Just listen to this one  
: )

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