Confession Out Loud

When You Start Your Day By Singing A Happy Song , Seeing People You Love , Writing Memos To The Only Man You Wish To Spend Your Life With . It Seems Like A Happy Day .

Then Something Makes You Frustrated , Cause You Think You're Right But Then You Think That Seriously You Might Be Wrong !

Then You feel Depressed Again Cause You  Missed Catching Someone You Love , And It's Been A While Since You Saw Him Clearly Without Being On A Rush .

And Then, You Go Crazy And You Seriously Don't Care About The Results .. And So , You Just Go with It .. 

You Feel Suddenly Free As You Couldn't Do This On Your Own , 

You Feel LIke You Wanna Get red Of That Mind That Keeps Trapping you Inside With Idiot Thoughts And So Much Restrictions .

And Yet You Can't Stop Thinking About Him .

And So You Feel You Wanna Your Heart Back , 

All Your Feelings Back 

Every Thing That Once Made You Happy Back , 

And Lastly , I REally Don't Care If You Still Care Or Not , 
The Point Is 

I Care And I Want Deeply To Make You HaPpy .

That's How I Would Get My Smile Back .


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