Some Sort Of Madness

Sometimes When You get Closer to someone You Just discover what makes You Love Him even More Than You Could Ever Imagine !

Love is Such Sweet word That Keeps doing Magic In my Heart !

How can You simply Adore Someone’s Smile Without Even knowing him ! I Might be Crazy but there are some faces I just Enjoy watching them in every emotional expression they have .. I like doing that most of the Time .. !

Bubbles .. I didn’t Play for a long time with it .. but i can tell that I wished if I could be inside one of them and Move Up High with the wind till it raptures and Finally i fall Down to earth Screaming .. Just then He’ll be there to Catch me .. At this moment Exactly The Bubble I was chasing raptured and His Face fade away with these rainbow Colors in the Air !

I Love All My Friends .. With No exception .. And I never Stop Loving anyone of them for any reason !

Call it what you Want .. I just can’t hold it .. I want to keep talking until My mouth screams calling me for mercy .. I want To keep Remembering Happy Things Happened To me .. Or these Small happy Things that Makes me and only me Happy .. I also want To Close My Eyes To Save That Vision alive .. !

I might have lived the worst year of my life but now I can Really touch Hope !

Nody and Mema the Second best thing That happened to me .. ; )

Dear Failure .. !

It was really nice opportunity To meet You This year .. But I promise you won’t Laugh Anymore !

I’ll just keep facing you with a smile .. telling you that you’re an idiot cause you Gave me something no one else could give to me .. And that’s why You’ll See me stepping Forward .. Thanks To You !

Maybe there’s nothing more to talk about .. or maybe there’s too much to talk about but even That can’t Be Said On Public .. Cause it may lose it’s glitter and Magic .. the Only safe place is My Heart !

If you could enter there Then maybe you can Hear The Rest of the talk ; )

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